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  • Heritage Suède Liquid

Heritage Suède Liquid


Shoeboy's Heritage Suede Liquid for color restoration and care for suede and nubuck.


High-quality natural color and care agents rejuvenate faded color finishes, keep the suede supple, and protect against moisture and dirt with a light sealant.


Suitable for any color finish.

  • Removes coarse dust and dirt.

    Test on an inconspicuous piece of material before use.

    Shake the bottle thoroughly.

    Before use, press the leak stop in the center of the sponge. Press the Shoeboy's Heritage Suede Liquid into the sponge with some pressure and dab it onto the suede.

    Evenly distribute in circular motions. Allow the Shoeboy's Heritage Suede Liquid to dry well and gently brush the suede with a suede brush.

    The sponge applicator helps to apply Shoeboy's Heritage Suede Liquid precisely where it is needed on shoes in mixed material combinations. No spray - suitable for indoor use.

    Bottle made from 100% recycled PET

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