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  • Anti Rain Spray

Anti Rain Spray


This powerful waterproof protection is inspired by carbon technology and works like a "spray-on membrane".  This creates an invisible structure that provides extremely strong protection against moisture and dirt.


Water droplets slide off the material like beads.

This colorless premium spray (contents 300 ml) is suitable for all materials.


There has never been a product that protects longer and better than Carbon Pro!

- Environmentally friendly due to the ingredients used and the minimal propellant gas

- The breathable properties of materials are not lost and it's suitable for all materials.

- Intensely moisture and dirt repellent.

- Shoes stay beautiful for longer.

  • Spray evenly at a distance of approximately 30 cm and allowing it to dry completely is sufficient for a good basic protection.

    Regular use optimizes the protective effect.

    Reapply once every 14 times of wear.

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